Hi! I’m new here!!

Today I decided it was time to put my dreams into place. I’ve been discontent. I’ve been feeling itchy in my skin. I’ve needed a change. I’ve been meditating and doing visualizations trying to figure out what’s next. What do I want to BE?? What do I need to DO to get there?? A friend of mine put into my head that I should do a video blog of my reviews of books. I thought… well I want to become a writer… why not do a writing blog too? Why not do both?

That’s what you’ll find here. Posts about writing, learning to write and books that I’m reading or have read. I’ll provide links to any video content that I create on my YouTube channel.

What started this? I decided early on that this is my transition year. Not only have I been working on changing my job, but I’ve been digging into spirituality and of course… that learning has been book based too. I challenged myself to read 12 books that have a spiritual leaning to them. I’m a bit behind on that as I got caught up on book #4 but more on that in it’s own post. I’ve been doing a TON of self-discovery the last couple of years and this is a bit of a culmination of all that.

There may be some random musings mixed in with all of the fun book stuff, but well, we’ll just have to see what happens. I’m excited and I hope to entertain all those who join me here! Thanks for reading and more to come soon!!!

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