Emotional Rollercoaster

We all have good days and bad days. Days can be good but can still be emotionally exhausting. Today was one of them.

I started my day with conference calls and meetings. Then did some journalling and a gratitude exercise. I’m enjoying the writing and creating more than I ever thought I would. It doesn’t seem hard, it doesn’t seem like “work”. I told the Universe, “Yes! Please! More of this!” I realized that I’m happy. I feel guilty saying it with the status that the world is in, but I’m happy. I’m writing and doing things that I’ve been scared to do for month.

Then I started free writing in the outline of my book. I was taken back to periods over the last couple of years that were the best and then the worst. In bringing up the memories and trying to embody the feelings I remember feeling back then, the joy, excitement, sadness, and grief all came flooding back. I’m excited because I made progress but I feel emotionally wrung out.

To relax, I decided to finish a book that I’ve been reading. I had less than 100 pages to go and knew I would be able to finish tonight. It’s The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes (Published by Pamela Dorman Books). Talk about an emotional rollercoaster! My heart was in my throat starting at chapter 16 and I don’t think it ever settled back down. There were several parts that I was close to crying. I’ll give a more formal review later.

It’s amazing to me how words can have such a strong impact on emotions, both when you are writing them and reading them.

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