A Knockout Queen – Book Review – No Spoilers

If you want to watch my review, you can watch it here!

I started this book yesterday day morning and finished it before going to bed last night. I could not put it down! I absolutely loved it and rated it 5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.

I will warn that this is not a happy or light, easy read. The whole book is a bit tragic. I captured a lot of great quotes and there are many amazing ‘make you think’ moments.

The story is a bildungsroman and follows the story of two kids as the grow through the teenager years and into early adulthood. Both have had to deal with adversity and it’s interesting how each have reacted through it. They both question who they are which is where I found the first quote that really struck me about finding who you really are, finding your truth. “To tell the truth by lying. That was the heart of realness, at least to me.” That’s a question that I’ve pondered for a couple of years now and I know a lot of people have dealt with too. Who am I? Am I real? Who is my authentic or real self? The concept of telling the truth about yourself by lying is an interesting concept.

The narrator, Michael, is gay and struggles with understand who he is or what he wants. He perceives others judgement because of his gayness. He’s grown up in adversity because when he was young his mom went to prison for a couple of years for stabbing his dad. Most noticeable to me is he seemed to make assumptions as to how others would judge or react to a situation before it actually happened.

He also told us the story of his best friend, Bunny, who was always the tallest kid in their grade and ended up growing to 6’3″. Because she was so different, she always felt like some sort of monster who was never going to find love.

There was something about their stories that just seemed so painful and real. There is also something about Rufi Thorpe’s writing that I just absolutely loved. I think it was how she presented impactful or meaningful concepts. If you are open to a book that is darker with beautiful writing, then I highly recommend. This might end up being one of my favorite books of the year!

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