A day to relax…

I was trying to decide what I wanted to write a blog about today and nothing immediately came to mind. I decided to right about random musings on a day that I just did things that made me happy. I feel that too often we try to be productive in everything we do. We are constantly going. Even in this time where we’ve been given a pause, people miss the ability to do things and be productive. It’s good to take time to just enjoy… similar to what I mentioned in my post about play. So today, I did just that.

I spent the morning catching up on my book reviews that I hadn’t gotten up on Goodreads yet in the group I’m a part of where we have a few challenges. I thought about writing my May wrap up blog, but I’m still hoping to get one or two more books read so I want to hold on that until Mon. I’m learning to love reviewing the books that I’ve read for the month and remembering the ones that were good, great, or just meh. I’ve read a couple that have definitely touched me and brought out such emotion.

I did a call for work, the only thing that I HAD to do, but I enjoy working with this customer. I am lucky to enjoy work that I get paid to do.

I then ran down to my mom’s and helped her update her hair. She had pieces that were purple but have totally grown out. I had a stylist friend that taught me how to do it so I updated it for her.

I went on a walk around our property with our neighbors and then hung out, while social distancing, on their front porch. We then had our neighborhood dog walk where we walk around our cul de sac with all the dogs (6) and friends… again social distancing.

It was a good day where I didn’t stress about having to do anything and I just enjoyed the day. No I didn’t write, but that’s ok… I will set aside time for that tomorrow morning. No I didn’t read, but again… that’s ok… I’ll read the book I’m reading the rest of tonight. But I’m relaxed and happy, and that’s what is important. I hope everyone takes time, even if it isn’t a whole day, to do something that they want to do just for the sheer enjoyment of it.

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