GoScribbler Unboxing

Technology kicked my ass today. I had planned on doing a YouTube video of the unboxing of my very first Scribbler box and I somehow mucked up the start and top of the video and the bulk of it was not recorded. I figured I would post about it instead. I’m a tad frustrated… I mean I actually put on a little bit of make up! not much but some. 🙂

Anyway… I found the Scribbler box when I was trying to figure out what other book subscription boxes existed out there. This was is geared as a subscription box for writers, so I thought I would try it. You have the ability to sign up for different time periods and can even buy boxes from previous months. You have to order the box by the 16th to get the box for the next month. I set up the subscription on the 21st and missed the cut off so I ordered a previous box that didn’t sell out. It shipped really quickly via USPS.

In the box I received various items…

Stories We Never Told by Sonja Yoerg, published by Lake Union Publishing on May 1, 2020. It’s been tagged as fiction, mystery, suspense and thriller on Goodreads, rated 3.73 with over 3,600 ratings. It follows a psychology professor and her obsession with her ex-lover and colleague and his new “friend”. Since suspense in the tag for next moth for the Goodreads group I’m part of, I’m going to try to read in during June… if I don’t get distracted. You also get her autograph on a book plate.

There is a Writing Passport that is every box and this one is about Themes. I’ll be able to tell you more about it once I read it.

An exclusive invitation to chat with bestselling author Jessica Brody. She’s written fiction and YA but also a book about writing called Save the Cat! Writes a Novel.

Theres a journal with a celestial theme…. You can never have too many spare journals sitting around. Especially since I’ve decided to have different ones for different purposes.

Hello nostalgia!! They included a 4 color Bic pen!! Remember those?? Where you unscrew it and can doodle all 4 colors together! It was so agonizing to decide what color I wanted to write with. This one has purple ink instead of green. Not thrilled about that. Hate purple. Love green. But still… possibly the thing I was most excited about in the box.

Organic candy chews, raspberry lemon flavor, by Torie & Howard. I’m not sure if I like them. They have a bit of an after taste, but they aren’t bad.

Temporary writer tattoo… honestly… I will never wear this but it’s cute.

I’m on the fence about the box and am definitely going to try a few more.

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