A Curse So Dark and Lonely – Book Review – No Spoilers

It was… ok.

That’s the beauty of there being so many books in the world. We aren’t required to love every book we read. We all have different likes and opinions therefore we are going to like different things. The key is to find a friend or a book reviewer… ME!!… that you have similar tastes to, to find books. All my friends has marked this as to read… no one has read it yet, so I decided to take a chance because it was rated so highly on Goodreads… 4.17 stars.

This book has intrigued me since before it came out. I entered a giveaway for it, before it came out, on Goodreads. It’s a retelling of the Beauty and the Beast and it sounded like it had a different twist to it. For this version the Beast, aka Rhen, is cursed to relive the season starting with his 18th birthday over and over again in Emberfall. The goal is to fall in love with one of the girls that he meets and break the curse. Then he meets Harper, she’s from DC…. yep… Washington DC. And before you look at a map… there is no Emberfall in our world… it’s in a parallel world.

I hate to say it, but I got bored. I seriously considered not finishing but I’ve never done that. I have serious fear of missing out and I would have wondered how this well known fairy tale wrapped up, in this version. I gave it three stars instead of 1 or 2 because for the most part, it did keep me entertained.

I personally wouldn’t recommend this one. I have a feeling it’s one that some people love and others do not. I would read through additional reviews before you decide.

For those keeping track… the husband and I are tied at 7 books each.

Happy Reading!!

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