It’s the little things…

It’s amazing to me how something small can make someone so happy.

For my husband, right now anyway, it’s golf balls. he was a little down this morning due to back pain and running out of golf balls to hit out of our back yard. By the end of the day, he was ecstatic. We took one of our dogs down to the lower part of our yard and explored and found about 20 balls that he had hit off. Then we went to another part of our yard with one of our other dogs and collected 15 more. (We have about 12 acres.) Part of the fun was seeing how happy the dogs were and part of it was replenishing his stash. One top of that, our neighbor gave him 12 brand new balls for his birthday.

For me its books and office supplies. I got a handful of gift cards for my birthday for Amazon. I bought five books, a pack of 36 Staedtler fineliner pens and 36 rolls of washi tape. I’m all set to journal like a BAWSE! Not saying I’m going to, but I’m ready to… best of intentions and all that. The books, buying books and having them around the house, even if I don’t read them, bring me comfort. The pens just make me happy. All the bright colors. All of the possibilities.

It’s interesting how every person has that little thing that brings them joy. What’s yours??

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