Dreams from My Father – Book Review

If you had told me eight years ago that I would one day read one of Obama’s books, I would have told you that you were full of shit. I voted for Romney. I voted for McCain four years prior to that. I was proud to be a Republican although I’ve never believed in one political party over the other on all issues. Sometimes I vote Republican, sometimes I vote Democrat. It depends on the person and the research I do.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned to open my mind more. I’ve learned what a beautiful orator Barack Obama is. I’ve listened to his wife’s book, Becoming. I’ve also listened to Laura Bush’s, Spoken from the Heart. I love the parts in both books where they describe meeting each other when Laura was leaving the White House and Michelle was moving into it. Both women are so incredibly impressive and inspirational. I really, really hoped that Michelle would touch on her friendship with George W in her book. It’s one of my most favorite things ever. I love seeing them interact whenever they are at functions together. It just makes me smile.

Back to Dreams from My Father… I can get side-tracked so easily! Dreams from My Father was written by Barack Obama and published in 1995. He did start his political run until 1997 when he won a seat in the Illinois senate.

In it Obama describes the history of his life. How his mother and father met and their lives before that. He tells us about his mother’s parents who he lived with for a while. He tells us about his mom marrying his stepfather, Lolo, and living in Indonesia. He describes his half-sister (on his dad’s side) coming to visit him in NY. Then him and going to visit her in Kenya and meeting the rest of his family there. I understand his comment about his family being a mini-United Nations so much better now. He had such a diverse upbringing. It wasn’t always easy but it gave him a diverse perspective that so few people in the world are fortunate enough to have.

There were a couple of times in the book that it seemed to ramble but overall, I found it enlightening to learn more about this man that was once our President, even if I didn’t vote for him ;).

It was interesting to me how he struggled with living in both the Black world and White world and how he was sometimes expected to play a particular role because outwardly he is Black. You could tell he struggled at times with it. From what I’m hearing in the US, especially right now, that seems like a struggle that a lot of people who are biracial have encountered. I’m interested in reading from more voices that have experienced this.

I listened to the Audible version of the book, read by Obama himself, and at the end of it, it had a speech that he gave for introducing John Kerry and I really was reminded what an amazing orator Obama is. I don’t know if I would have liked the book as much if I had read it in print. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. Not my favorite memoir, but definitely interesting.

On to The Audacity of Hope!

I’m using this book to fulfill the Popsugar Reading Challenge prompt, a fiction or nonfiction book about a world leader. There aren’t really any other prompts that it could fit.

Happy Reading!!

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