Popsugar #7 – The first book you touch on a shelf with your eyes closed

First, I can’t believe it’s been over a month since the last post that I wrote on the Popsugar reading challenge prompts… it seriously seems like just yesterday. Maybe it is fate to write this one, the 7th prompt, on the 7th day of the month…

This is entirely a personal prompt and I’ve read a variety of different methods for choosing a book. Picking out this book was actually the last thing that my mom and I did prior to the quarantine and lock down. Bookstores are slowly starting to open again, depending on where you live. This would the perfect, fun thing to do at your local indie bookstore, whenever you are comfortable going.

We went to the local Barnes and Noble bookstore and from a distance we picked a genre that we wanted. I tried to pick one that I didn’t have many books already for. Then I closed my mom led me over and placed me in front of the shelf. I reached out and picked a book. My mom did the same thing. I can’t remember her book but I picked Mr. Nobody by Catherine Steadman, published Jan 2020 by Ballantine Books.

I read that some people are using randomizers to pick their book, since they know where everything is on their shelf already. That would be my problem at home. I have my shelves alphabetized so I know approximately where various books or authors are. Although, right now things are all over the place since I’ve been pulling things out to take pictures to fulfill prompts on the instagram (@charlotteonbooks) challenge that I’m doing.

Some people have had family pick their book… again, because they know their own shelves.

I think this is a fun prompt and people should do whatever is fair to them to pick a random book from somewhere. I think the fun part is it could push people to pick a book that they wouldn’t normally pick.

Now to finally read the book that I picked… maybe next month 😉

Happy Reading!!

P.S. I haven’t given update on my reading challenge with my husband… I won last month! By one book… 13 -12. Right now we are tied… 3-3.

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