The Dutch House – Book Review – No Spoilers

Fantastic narration by Tom Hanks!!!

I don’t usually listen to fiction books on audio. I would rather read them and listen to memoirs or nonfictions. When I found out that Tom Hanks was narrating this one, I decided to listen to it instead of reading it. I am so glad that I did! His performance was great!! I will definitely listen to any books that he narrates!

The Dutch House by Ann Patchett was published September 2019 by Harper. The story is from the perspective of Danny Conroy and follows what happens to a family over many decades. The family’s story revolves around Danny’s childhood home, The Dutch House. A really unique house located in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia. Ever hear of someone leaving or marrying a man specifically because of the house that he owns? Both happen in this book.

Danny’s mom leaves because her husband buying The Dutch House ignited something in her and she had to leave. The house was too much and she wanted to help the poor. Danny’s step-mom came into the picture because she was obsessed with The Dutch House and just had to have it.

I need to read and listen to a book sometime and see if my ratings change based on consuming it in one media version over another. I always wonder if the author’s performance or the fact that I’m listening to a book changes how I would normally rate it. I have a ton of friends that rated it 5 out of 5 stars but I rated it 4. There were a couple of times early in the book that I got a tad bored and Hank’s performance kept me going.

I even loved how he announced the next chapter, it was so fun!

Great book! A little slow at the beginning but so worth sticking it out!!

I’m not using this for any Popsugar prompts but it would definitely fit a few:
– A bildungsroman
– A book recommended by your favorite blog, vlog, podcast, or online book club
– A book that passes the Bechdel test
– A book with at least a four-star rating on Goodreads
– A book that you meant to read in 2019
– A book with a three-word title

Happy Reading!!

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