Throne of Glass – Book Review – No Spoilers

How the f**k did I miss this series when it came out?!? I mean… I know how. I stopped reading for a few years. I’m not kidding. Life happens sometimes and 2011-2014 life happened hard and I stopped reading. I didn’t really pick up a book again until 2017. Considering how many books I’m readingContinue reading “Throne of Glass – Book Review – No Spoilers”

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek – Book Review – Comparison to The Giver of Stars

If you don’t know, two books have recently come out with part of the plot focusing on the same thing in the same time, mid-1930s and the Kentucky pack horse librarians. The first that I picked up is The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes published Oct 2019 by Pamela Dorman Books. I read itContinue reading “The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek – Book Review – Comparison to The Giver of Stars”

The Dutch House – Book Review – No Spoilers

Fantastic narration by Tom Hanks!!! I don’t usually listen to fiction books on audio. I would rather read them and listen to memoirs or nonfictions. When I found out that Tom Hanks was narrating this one, I decided to listen to it instead of reading it. I am so glad that I did! His performanceContinue reading “The Dutch House – Book Review – No Spoilers”

Deep Play – Book Review

I was not a fan. Deep Play was written by Dianne Ackerman, published April 1999 by Random House. In chapter six, she mentions that poetry is where she started and you can tell. Words are her medium and she wields the brush with a heavy hand. Because of that, I did not enjoy the book.Continue reading “Deep Play – Book Review”

Dreams from My Father – Book Review

If you had told me eight years ago that I would one day read one of Obama’s books, I would have told you that you were full of shit. I voted for Romney. I voted for McCain four years prior to that. I was proud to be a Republican although I’ve never believed in oneContinue reading “Dreams from My Father – Book Review”

Happy 4th of July

It’s a holiday weekend in the US… Independence Day. This may be a bit of a rambling post… I challenged myself to write daily this month. Doesn’t matter what it’s about, the goal is to get into the habit of writing. I thought about writing a book review, since I just finished The Audacity ofContinue reading “Happy 4th of July”

What the Wind Knows – Book Review – No Spoilers

What a beautiful book. So, so beautiful. This book will definitely be in my top 10 books for the year. My mom found this book and suggested it for our in real life book club. I totally forgot to read it until the week prior to when we were meeting… socially distancing meeting in person.Continue reading “What the Wind Knows – Book Review – No Spoilers”

2020 Reading Progress…

Can you believe it?!? We’ve made it through half of a year!! I feel like this year more than any other, that is quite the accomplishment. Take a moment… pat yourself on the back. Good job! Now that we’ve made it through this half of year that has felt like an eternity, it’s a goodContinue reading “2020 Reading Progress…”

Truth or Beard – Book Review – No Spoilers

This book was not for me. I read it, but I was not impressed. Not even as a guilty pleasure. Truth or Beard by Penny Reid was published July 2015 by Caped Publishing. The copy I read was an ebook copy that I got from my library. I chose it because it fit a ‘cheese’Continue reading “Truth or Beard – Book Review – No Spoilers”

Home Before Dark – Book Review – No Spoilers

Not what I expected!! I expected a super scary ghost story that was going to keep me up at night. It was and it wasn’t that. Home Before Dark by Riley Sager is officially published as of today! It’s published by Dutton Books. I got my copy as my pick from Book of the Month.Continue reading “Home Before Dark – Book Review – No Spoilers”