Popsugar #6 – A Bildungsroman

If you are anything like me you have no freaking clue what a bildungsroman is… so of course, I Googled it… A novel dealing with one person’s formative years or spiritual education. There are so many great novels that fit this prompt!!! Little Woman by Louisa May Alcott – Extremely popular right now since anContinue reading “Popsugar #6 – A Bildungsroman”

Popsugar #5 – A book set in a city that hosted the Olympics

In honor of the fact that the Summer Olympics were originally going to be held this summer, Popsugar created several Olympics themed prompts including this one: A book set in a city that hosted the Olympics. I thought this one might be hard but it turns out to be one of the first ones thatContinue reading “Popsugar #5 – A book set in a city that hosted the Olympics”

Popsugar Prompt #4 – A Book About a Book Club

I actually haven’t given this one much thought. I have no clue what books might fit, off the top of my head, since I like to go into a book without knowing the plot. So before I go much further in my post, I’m going to check out this list created by the moderator ofContinue reading “Popsugar Prompt #4 – A Book About a Book Club”

Popsugar Prompt #3 – A Book With a Great First Line

Some prompts are very straight forward like #2, you find a trans or nonbinary author, you read their book, and check… you’ve got that prompt satisfied. This prompt is a subjective and everyone is entitled to their opinion on what they think is a Great First Line. There are some very well known first linesContinue reading “Popsugar Prompt #3 – A Book With a Great First Line”

Popsugar Prompt #2 – A Book by a Trans or Nonbinary Author

I personally LOVE this prompt. I think it’s going to cause a lot of people to stretch out of their comfort zone and read from a perspective that they never would have otherwise. I love that they are pulling diversity in and helping the reading community grow. I’ve said it in another post but IContinue reading “Popsugar Prompt #2 – A Book by a Trans or Nonbinary Author”

Popsugar Prompt #1 – A book that is published in 2020

In my opinion this is one of the easiest prompts of the whole Popsugar Reading Challenge! There are so many good books that come out each year! The challenge of the prompt might be the cost of new books or the long waits of popular new books at the library. A Book of the MonthContinue reading “Popsugar Prompt #1 – A book that is published in 2020”

What is the Popsugar Reading Challenge??

Popsugar started as a pop culture blog by a married couple, Brian and Lisa Sugar, and has grown to be so much more. Now it is an American media and technology company. When you visit their site, http://www.popsugar.com, you’ll find all sorts of posts on a variety of subjects. They are the #1 female lifestyleContinue reading “What is the Popsugar Reading Challenge??”