Writer’s Prompt: the most memorable thing I received in the mail…

My mom loves to tell the story about my summer sleep away camp which exemplifies my fierce independent streak, but she only tells the part of the story that she knows. When I was ten or eleven, I got it into my head that I was going to go to a Girl Scout sleep awayContinue reading “Writer’s Prompt: the most memorable thing I received in the mail…”

Who is my wild woman?

Steph Jagger has been my guidepost as I make my journey to figure things out. She started a book led exploration of sorts called Read Like a Mother. It has changed since it started but the essence has remained. It’s a safe space to explore all of the intricacies of my thoughts. This session justContinue reading “Who is my wild woman?”

Writing Prompt – Think of your strongest childhood memory…

I started my writing class this week!! It’s Creative Nonfiction Writing by Gotham Writers and I’m incredibly excited to start it. In between the weekly class I’ll be practice my writing with prompts on here. This is a prompt that was used for a 15 min free write during class and I thought I wouldContinue reading “Writing Prompt – Think of your strongest childhood memory…”

Took a break…

I haven’t posted anything for days. I think five days but honestly, I just don’t know. I just didn’t feel like it. Ever have one of those days… or two… or whatever… when you just feel meh. You don’t really have the motivation to do anything. That was me. Early on in the quarantine/coronavirus pandemic,Continue reading “Took a break…”

How do you write??

I’m just getting into this whole structured writing thing. Previously, writing for me has always been either business related or in a journal. I was so very sporadic in regards to the journal though. Growing up, a lot of times it was just laying in my bed and dealing with teenage angsty stuff. My momContinue reading “How do you write??”

A day to relax…

I was trying to decide what I wanted to write a blog about today and nothing immediately came to mind. I decided to right about random musings on a day that I just did things that made me happy. I feel that too often we try to be productive in everything we do. We areContinue reading “A day to relax…”

What’s the scariest thing you did today?

I sent a tweet. Now you may be sitting there reading this and thinking… big deal… so what. You sent a tweet? 6500 tweets are sent every second, that’s 350,000 every minute, about 500 million tweets per day… What makes this one so special? It started with a webinar hosted by Gotham Writers, a writingContinue reading “What’s the scariest thing you did today?”

I’m Happy, But I Feel Guilty To Admit It

I have never been happier!!! There, I said it! Most of the world is in some sort of quarantine and is freaking out and I, personally, have never felt happier! I have slowly been admitting that to my friends because I feel guilty. What gives me the right to be happy when so many aroundContinue reading “I’m Happy, But I Feel Guilty To Admit It”

Emotional Rollercoaster

We all have good days and bad days. Days can be good but can still be emotionally exhausting. Today was one of them. I started my day with conference calls and meetings. Then did some journalling and a gratitude exercise. I’m enjoying the writing and creating more than I ever thought I would. It doesn’tContinue reading “Emotional Rollercoaster”